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          Authors baosteel jin hui machinery co., LTD. Is a company approved by the national related department registered enterprises, located in changge new economic development zone, east side of the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior, is a professional design and manufacture of construction machinery manufacturers. Our company has strong technical strength and excellent equipment, and has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises with good credit and excellent service. Main: scrap steel straightening machine (rust, drawing, stretching); Hydraulic straightening and cutting machine; 40. Type 50 steel bar cutting machine; Bending machine; Steel bending machine; Steel bar scaling machine; Steel pipe descaling machine.
    Xuchang baosteel jinhui machinery co. LTD
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    Bar cutting machine
    Vertical adjustment of rust, pull fine, elongate straightening machine
    Scrap steel bar straightener cutting machine
    Steel tube straightening and removing rust spraying machine
    Scrap steel bar straightener cutting machine
    Steel bar straightening and straightening machine
    Scrap steel strip straightening machine
    6-16mm steel straightener
    Steel tube straightening and removing rust spraying machine
    Horizontal. Straight. Elongate. Remove rust. (cut off) machine
    Bending of circular machine
    Vertical. Straightening. Stretching. Derusting. Cutting off machine
    Type 150 all-copper butt welder
    Scrap wire straightening (3-6) machine
    Pointing machine
    GQ40B steel bar cutting machine
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